D—> Although I comply, it doesn’t mean I enjoy it

D—> At all

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D—> I think the outcome would have been a bit different

D—> But

D—> What does it even matter anymore?

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D—> Uh

D—> Nepeta?

:33< what the furrick

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[thank all of you!]

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D—> Apologies

D—> There will be no update this week

D—> The artist is sort of having a mental breakdown 

D—> Don’t be alarmed, this happens sometimes

[No but seriously, thank you to all my followers, I’ll be back shortly?]

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D—> Honestly, does it 100k like I have time for such f001ishness

D—> I have a moirail to help, thank you

:33 < hey equius!! come on!! we n33d to def33t these furisky little imps!! X33

D—> Of course

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D—> I’ve come over once before in order to paint

D—> I found her choice in decorating to be…

D—> Less than desirable

:33 < i showed him my shipping wall and he got offended!! >:((

D—> It’s written in the b100d of innocent creatures you killed out of your own cold b100d

D—> Oh

D—> What’s that ship over there

:33 < you and aradia h33h33

D—> Ok it’s not all bad

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D—> Hm

D—> Considering their elegent e%terior and striking similarity to musclebeasts

D—> Yes

D—> You c001d say I like them

haha yes noww admit that seadwwellers are better than landwwellers in evvery wway

D—> Ampora, I’m going to have to ask you to leave

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D—> Considering I do not know who you are, I have to decline

XOO < equius! you pawsitively CANNOT make fun of anofur purrsons ships!!! its super disrespectful!!

D—> Considering I have to go through this f001ishness all the time I think you should be the one acting a little more respectful

:33 < go through what??

D—> These

:33 < *ac didnt know ct was so popular!!*

D—> I don’t want to be

:33 < h33h33

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D—> Oh goodness I could never do such a thing even if you demanded it

D—> If it’s 100d acts you are looking for, I suggest going to the new jade b100d

D—> I’ve heard she is the one to asks for those sort of favors

Excuse me, but I say when yo+u go+t it, flaunt it. Step right up and strut yo+ur stuff.

No+w if yo+u need me, I’ll be strutting the hell o+ut of here.

D—> Uh


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